The Garden is Looking Great!

August 6, 2013 1 comment

I have a patio, so naturally I have lots of plants. Here is a few pictures:

Spider Plants

Spider plants. I divided this at the beginning of summer, and should have gone with 3 pots.

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Patriotism, Texas and Chris Kyle

April 14, 2013 1 comment

This was sent to me in email. I have seen credit given to a Dallas paper for it, but I’m not sure of the origin.


I just wanted to share with you all that out of a horrible tragedy we were blessed by so many people. Chris was Derek’s teammate through 10 years of training and battle. They both suffer/suffered from PTSD to some extent and took great care of each other because of it. 2006 in Ramadi was horrible for young men that never had any more aggressive physical contact with another human than on a Texas football field. They lost many friends. Chris became the armed services number #1 sniper of all time. Not something he was happy about, other than the fact that in so doing, he saved a lot of American lives. Three years ago, his wife Taya asked him to leave the SEAL teams as he had a huge bounty on his head by Al Qaeda. He did and wrote the book The American Sniper. 100% of the proceeds from the book went to two of the SEAL families who had lost their sons in Iraq . That was the guy Chris was. He formed a company in Dallas to train military, police and I think firemen as far as protecting themselves in difficult situations. He also formed a foundation to work with military people suffering from PTSD. Chris was a giver not a taker. He along with a friend and neighbor, Chad Littlefield, were murdered trying to help a young man that had served 6 months in Iraq and claiming to have PTSD.
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Godspeed, Iron Lady!

April 8, 2013 5 comments

Sad news, as Margaret Thatcher has passed away. She was one of the world’s great politicians, bring Great Britain back onto the forefront of the world’s countries. She dragged Great Britain back to the right, and consequently back to prosperity. And she did it being positive.

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Why is Clear and Present Danger my favorite Tom Clancy book?

Thanks ISU Men’s Basketball Seniors 2012-2013

March 24, 2013 2 comments

ISU 2012-2013 Seniors large

You made this year a special one in the history of ISU athletics. Yours was a class of castoffs and transfers, and you managed to come together and make a run in the NCAA tournament, when most figured you would spend the postseason viewing it from home. Shows how much they know.

You had the heart, the will, and the ability to win a lot of games, and managed to win a couple more that they handed you an L in. My thanks to you, for making this season enjoyable.

The future is bright for ISU Basketball, and you helped to start that out.

You also took the time to take some pictures with a young Cyclone fan after the game against Ohio State in Dayton, and you made his day (my nephew).

Latest brainstorm by Outgoing Senator Tom Harkin (still love the sound of that). Betty the waitress will get a raise!

But did anyone interview her boss? Would Betty still have a job? What does Betty make in tips per hour (I’ll bet it’s more than $4.65 an hour, or she’s a shitty waitress)? What benefits does Betty get, and why? If $10 is fair, why not $20 an hour, $50 an hour, etc?

Just asking questions here.

[ooyala code=”U3MXJ3OTr9S-45xRngh8mxmdIB7qpSO1″]

U.S. Senator Tom Harkin (D) of Iowa wants to increase the minimum wage, and that would include the first increase for tipped workers in more than 20-years.

As a waitress, Betty Waters of Des Moines is trying to raise her four sons on just $4.35 an hour plus tips.  “Trying to buy food is hard.” says Waters, “I mean, hamburger, macaroni and cheese, hamburger and hotdogs just to make sure that your kids have any kind of food in their stomachs is the best that we can do.”

Harkin is proposing legislation that would raise the minimum wage for tipped workers like Waters from $2.13 per hour to $6.85 per hour.  Waters says that would be a big help, but small business owners say it could be devastating.

“It’s going to really impact my ability to hire additional people when I start to get busier.  So I am…

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I have one thing to say about Kansas’ “victory” over ISU tonight…

February 25, 2013 4 comments

Click the pic, it’s a gif that isn’t active in the main post…

The non-charge call and subsequent “unknown” foul against Niang with 5 seconds left is absolutely inexcusable for a Division 1 referee. This better go to the commissioner’s office.

Don’t believe me? Here, take a look…
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