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The Garden is Looking Great!

I have a patio, so naturally I have lots of plants. Here is a few pictures:

Spider Plants

Spider plants. I divided this at the beginning of summer, and should have gone with 3 pots.

Scorpion Pepper, maybe the hottest pepper plant.


Tepin, a bird pepper. Very hot, with a smoky flavor.

Ghost 1
Ghost Pepper, or Bhut Jolokia. Formerly the hottest pepper, before the Scorpion. This pepper is plain heat, and lots of it. Not a lot of flavor, but peppery with what little is there.

Ghost 2
Another view of the Ghost.

Habenero, another hot one. This is one of my favorite peppers, with a fruity taste to go along with the heat.

Ancho, a mild pepper with great taste.

Pepperoncini, another mild flavorful pepper. (Below the Tepin)

Chives, because you can’t have potatoes without chives.

Basil, the best Italian herb.

Topsy Turvy Tomato!

Tomatoes 2
More tomatoes, because what’s a garden without them. They are doing quite well this year, got a little heat to help them out.

Tomatoes 1
Another view of the buckets of tomatoes.

Lumpia Squash
Giant lumpia squash, which is not very giant.

Lumpia Squash 2
Lumpia #2, even sadder than #1.

White Hibiscus 2
One of my perennial Hibiscus, a white one with a red throat.

Pink Hibiscus
The other perennial Hibiscus, a pink one. It should be blooming anytime.

Petunias 2
Petunias on the fence.

Red Tropical Hibiscus
A Red tropical hibiscus.

Yellow Tropical Hibiscus
Yellow tropical hibiscus. Both tropicals got cut back a little too much.

Thyme and Oregeno
Thyme and oregeno.

Tropical Impatiens
Tropical impatiens.

Red Impatiens Barrel
A barrel of impatiens.

White Impatiens Barrel
Another barrel of impatiens.

Backyard 1
The backyard.

I put this up, so I can look at it when there’s snow covering everything for 4 months, later this year!

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  1. March 4, 2014 at 11:03 am

    WAAAHHH! Greenery. I miss it so much.

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