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Why is Clear and Present Danger my favorite Tom Clancy book?


Honor. It’s what this book is all about. From the opening of the yacht to reveal the murdered victims to the results of the election at the end, it’s all about honor.

The pirates have no honor. They work for money, not a cause.

The Coast Guard has honor. While they might bend the rules a bit (ok, a lot), they do it for a greater good.

The President has honor. Maybe not in actions, but in intentions, and in the sacrifices in his political career.

Of course the soldiers have honor. This is laid bare throughout the book. Even involved in the most violent parts of the book, they are acting according to orders, and the orders are not such that they would be forced to question them. It’s degrees of action, and that battle is fought above their pay grade.

The FBI has honor. Even when they uncover possible treason, they view the circumstances, and don’t let a good life go to waste. I hope it works this way all the time.

The antagonist has no honor. He works for himself. Not necessarily because he is a mercenary, but because he lives to better only himself. Nice touch for his comeuppance at the end, too.

The protagonist has honor, of course. He sacrifices his life, to fight for what he believes. He doesn’t lose it, but it’s the act that is courageous, and honorable. Tell the truth, and live within the law. For the most part, he does this, only skirting the law to steer the situation right. Yeah, I’m a fan, but this book is the tops of all things Clancy.

Not this one:


The film could have been so good, but they missed so much. Surprised that Milius was involved in this.

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