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Great Moments at the RNC

While we are waiting on our diet of red meat from this year’s candidates, let’s take a look at some moments from past Republican National Conventions.

From 2004, we had a Democratic Senator stand up to Jawn Francois Querie’s campaign, and the Democratic opposition to just about anything out of the George Bush administration. Part 1:

Part 2 begins with one of the best tributes to the American soldier, ever.

Part 3:

For our next clip, let’s go to a body builder from Austria that wound up as the Governor of California. Maybe he didn’t work out as well as we hoped, but he puts on a good speech. Part 1:

“You Are A Republican!” One of my all time favorites. “Don’t be economic girly-men!” could be repeated over and over.
Part 2:

Next, comes one of the best RNC speeches in history, from only 4 years ago. Governor Sarah Palin:

Enjoy, and I’ll probably put up some highlights from this year. Mia Love just spoke, and it was a good one. I’m sure there will be more.

Just remember, Romney is even in the polls, with registered voters. Imagine what the polls will be with likely voters after the convention.

Added: Just after losing the nomination to Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan gave a speech that let the convention know they had nominated the wrong guy:

And in 1980, we got it right:

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