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Congrats, Iowa State, on making a huge mess in the BCS!

Oh, we will fight, fight, fight for Iowa State
And may her colors ever fly.
Oh, we will fight with might for Iowa State
With the will to do or die!
Rah, Rah, Rah
Loyal sons forever true
And we will fight that battle through.
And when we hit the line we’ll hit it hard,
every yard for I-S-U!

(credit to Lyrics On Demand, since I didn’t feel like formatting and typing.)

Nice work on Friday night, boys! Truly a win for the ages. After holding the high powered Cowboys to 24 points, from a 24-7 lead in the 3rd quarter, the Cyclones scored 17 unanswered points to tie it up, and send it to overtime. Sure, we had a little help, but it was the tenacious ISU defense holding the Cowboys scoreless throughout most of the 2nd half that allowed them to post a stunning upset. Wally Burnham came up with another gem. This guy is going places, but I hope he stays close to home. I never get tired of watching uplifting speeches, and Coach Rhodes had another good one after this win:

Keep it up Coach. You’re winning the hearts of Cyclone Nation. 6 games with over 50k for the first time in ISU history. Butts in the seats usually heralds a nice raise for the coach and staff. Let’s keep it up, and put another win under your belt in the next two weeks. Not a short order, going up against ranked Oklahoma and Kansas State. But you shocked the world once, lets do it again!

A fun wrapup to the game, Cold Cut from SoundOff with Keith Murphy.

Original source for this vid, since he did such a great job on it: WhoTV13: Iceborg Cold Cut: Who’s Gonna Run This Town

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  1. November 21, 2011 at 9:35 am

    This is not to belittle any significant wins, like Baylor over Oklahoma, or USC over Oregon. Those wins also sent the BCS into a tailspin.

    I’ll just happily admit my ISU bias. But a great weekend in college football was had by most, that’s for sure!

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