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Not a clear winner for the 10/18 CNN debate

But Perry woke his ass up, and Romney definitely got bloodied.

I think Perry did himself a great service for this debate, and showed some muscle. His unscripted answers were great, but sometimes a bit over the top. Scripted answers were painful, as usual. Speak from the heart, Rick. He’s a fighter, and he showed it.

This was the first time someone took Romney out of his rhythm, and it showed. He appeared flustered at times, not the cool collected Romney of past debates. He was used to controlling the flow, and Perry and Santorum took that away from him. He also had to answer for Romneycare extensively for the first time in a debate format. He might be in the lead for winning this debate, but he got dragged down in the mud with the rest of em this night.

9-9-9 took some lumps, and so did Cain. He kept his pleasant demeanor, which will continue to endear him to his fans, of which I am one. He will continue on as a front runner, but I think that 9-9-9 will go through some modifications, most of all the sales tax portion. He will also need to bone up on foreign policy, which is a weak spot. It’s expected, as he is not a politician.

Newt continues as the smartest guy in the room, and he’ll have a place at the table in the upcoming administration. He is coming up in the polls, so he still might have a shot, but I still put him in the Cabinet.

Santorum is angry, angry, angry, and people aren’t gonna like that. Color him done, but he’ll play the foil for a lot of candidates.

Bachmann, good answers, but always back with identity politics. Not playing well with the base, that isn’t.

Pretty good debate, mostly because Anderson Cooper stayed out of the way. He tried inserting questions, for example the 14th amendment one to Perry. It was heartwarming how he was swatted away like a fly on that one. Also, get rid of the Mormon questions, guys. That ain’t gonna play here.

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  1. October 20, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    Santorum is almost Bruce Banner ANGRY!!!

    Romney crumbled, and I almost thought he and Perry would come to blows. I swear, there can only be one hothouse flower in that bunch.

  2. MJ
    October 24, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    I agree with you about Newt. He should have a new cabinet position titled, Secretary of Eliminating Other Secretaries.

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