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They say they’re taking aim at Romney, but…

Does anyone get the feeling that Cain is set to take over at least a portion of the spotlight in tonight’s debate? He’s been surging ahead in poll after poll, so sooner or later the media will take notice. It seems like he’s due for a grilling in a debate.

Charlie Rose will be the moderator at Dartmouth, for Bloomberg TV and the Washington Post. Wow, can you get any more GOP standard than that? Plus, the questions will probably be longer than the answers.

2012 Election Central: Candidates confirmed for October 11th GOP debate in New Hampshire

No Johnson at the debate, but Huntsman is included again. Also notable is that last night I received a call from the Bachmann campaign, inviting me to take part in the teleconference. It was to go over the issues of the campaign, but it also left a direct line. I’m sure it’s to a staffer, but it’s the first time I ever got a return number on a robocall. Interesting tactic.

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  1. October 12, 2011 at 8:19 am

    I watched the debate. It was a Mitt Love Fest. He was the only candidate that wasn’t called on time.

    Cain was the lightning rod. He kept drawing fire over his 999 plan, which he AWESOMELY explained over and over. IMO, that was good, because people not familiar with the plan got exposed to it. He had a miss-step with the Alan Greenspan thing, but otherwise held his own, when Rose gave him the table, that is.

    Newt had good points, and was very diplomatic. He gave kudos to everyone at the table for their plans, making sure to let the viewers know that ANY plan would help the country, as opposed to the current fiascos. But then he petered out at the end, like he was tired or something.

    Bachmann was good, but I got the vibe that she was trying to belittle Perry and Cain in favor of Romney. I don’t know why.

    Santorum? He was a bit over the top. Tried to hard to be animated.

    I have no idea WTF Huntsman was doing there, but he came off like a pretentious prick. He did NOT do himself any favors.

    Perry did better than he has before, but I think it’s too little, too late. He did fend off a lot, which was good.

    Romney was basking in the light. He had the floor (table) for most of the time, and Rose and the other two dimrods were very softballish to him in their questions. At the end of the night, the commentators were saying this was going to be a Romney/ Cain race.

  2. October 12, 2011 at 8:41 am

    Missed this comment as I was putting up my thoughts on the debate. Great breakdown, aggie. I agree on the Perry portion, especially. He’s so bad in the debates, and I don’t know how he can recover. Fortunately, no one but the hardcores are watching, especially on the Bloomberg channel.

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