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Best Troll-Smashing comment EVAH!

This is quite funny, and very well worded. Strong language at the link, but it’s germane to the conversation.
TheSmartMarks.com: A comment from A MODEST ADVERTISING PROPOSAL, Words, images, and questioning the truth

Also, thank you for explaining my own reaction to me, because I don’t understand the nuances of my own thought processes until I have them filtered back to me through the anti-establishment bias of some liberal arts film fucko who thinks it’s edgy to criticize big business and quote cop killers. Jesus, could you be more arrogant? Almost every one of these topics you’ve started is prefaced with something like “please try to think about this objectively” or “set aside your preconceptions and really consider this for a change;” the tacit assumption being that none of us are really giving critical thought to the issue unless we’re seeing things the same way you and your hippie idols do. Like your logic is so PRISTINE and UNASSAILABLE that all you have to do is borrow a quotation from one of your third rate socialist lice farms, present it to us with a sage wink and nod, advise us all to think long and hard and then prance off to FAIRYLAND to bask in self-contentment while the INEVITABLE TRUTH penetrates our THICK, WAGE-SLAVE SKULLS.

The whole thing should be read to psych yourself up for troll smashing. Thanks to LauraW at The Hostages and AOSHQ

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  1. October 5, 2011 at 9:58 am

    That whole thread was hilarious đŸ˜€

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