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Cain’s book set to drop Oct. 4

Now everyone will get a look at the self description of Herman Cain.

Amazon.com: This Is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House

Pajama’s Media (Roger Simon): Book Review: This Is Herman Cain

This Is Herman Cain also includes an appendix spelling out the candidate’s stands on the issues. Its final section — My Candidacy, Against the Odds — contains the following in bold face:

1. I don’t claim to know everything:
2. I don’t pander to groups;
3. I am terrible at political correctness.

Not bad for starters.

Time to link back to Vic’s earlier breakdown of Herman: JayInAmes (mee.nu site): Breakdown of Cain’s positions

Cain was, and is the most positive candidate out there. He gives us something to vote for, rather than voting against something. He tells it like he sees it, which gets him into trouble.

From the review:

This is the same man who put himself through Morehouse College majoring in math, got a masters in computer science from Purdue (while improving academically), plotted rocket guidance for the Navy, started in business at Coca-Cola, then went on to turn around the fortunes of Philadelphia’s Burger King franchise, take over the aforementioned Godfather’s Pizza chain, become the head of the National Restaurant Association, be appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and host a radio show into the bargain. And, of course, he defeated the Big C.

Youtube: He was running Godfathers when he argued with Clinton over HillaryCare.

Kind of refreshing, if you ask me.

Rising in the polls, too: Stacy on the Right: Cain rising in Rasmussen Poll

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  1. September 30, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    I’m liking him more and more. And I liked him well enough since the beginning.

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