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Debate 9/23/11 roundup: Nice knowing you, Rick Perry!

Wow, did he look bad last night, or what? I understand that debating might not be his strong suit, but for the love of pete! That was terrible!

The extremely large place they held the debate in had a terrible echo in it, and the large crowd didn’t do it any favors. I preferred the smaller venues of the CNN and *cough* MSDNC debates. They attempted to fix it later in the program, but it should have been done at the beginning. CNN debate was the best, Fox #2, followed by MSDNC. But this auditorium was the worst of the bunch.

Gingrich and Cain improved their positions, looking very cool at the beginning. Cain attacked Romney on his 9/9/9 plan, backing it up very well. He’s looking better and better, but I still think of him at a cabinet level.

Bachmann looked very strong, especially on her immigration and border fence answer. She didn’t look crazy, even though she went after Perry once again. Maybe I’m just jaded and insensitive to it, now. Enough with the vaccines, already!

Johnson, meh. Didn’t impress me, didn’t irritate me. Might as well have not showed up, but his dog comment at the end was a classic. That made his appearance worth it, all by itself.

Santorum and Paul aren’t mentioned because that’s how much impact they had with me. Sorry, but that’s just my view on it.

Romney really shone in this debate. He looked presidential, and also appeared to be very very strong in brow beating Perry repeatedly. His plan for zero tax on investments under 200k sounds good, but I’d need someone well versed in economics to go through it with a fine toothed comb. I still think the limit should be higher, just to encourage investment. Also, quit attacking the Perry book, it only leaves you open to criticism on your book. Not that anyone needs an invitation to do it. All in all it was a great night for Romney.

Where to start on Perry? Why not with the biggest gaffe of the night, “The wall won’t work, you need boots on the ground”. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. In fairness to the Texas governor, he is the only one on the stage that has dealt with this issue up close and personal (ooops, forgot you were there, Gary Johnson), but that comment is just asinine. No GOP voter wants to hear “no wall” except for the right wing members of La Raza. Everybody else on the stage is on the outside looking in on that issue, but you have to defend your position a lot better. His answer on Social Security was good, but that bright spot ended way too quickly. He also capitalized on Texas’ strength in litigation reform, but that was also short lived.

All in all, Romney ate Perry’s lunch. As I was saying to a friend online “why does Romney make my political skin crawl, when everything he is saying is so right”. He is a slick operator, that’s for sure. However, look for his numbers to match, if not overtake Perry’s numbers in upcoming polls.

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  1. September 23, 2011 at 9:02 am

    Fucking hell, I sure hope Romney gets shafted, though.

  2. September 24, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    i agree with aggie…. i can’t stand dirty mit romulan… he’s one slimy cow patty.

    i listened to a couple of interviews that Johnson gave a few years ago, he sounded pretty decent back then…. He helped NM out of a financial jam (if i remember correctly). He’s kind of Libertarian leaning, i think.

    this is going to be an interesting year and change….

    Christie looks like he’s getting in and when that happens I think Palin might jump in. I say this because of an odd statement she made a while ago when asked whether or not she was going to run…. and i paraphrase:
    “i will wait and see if the candidates are good enough” meaning (to me at least) if they suck she will run….
    i used to like Christies “damn the torpedoes” attitude…. but the more i learn about him the more i think he’s just a loud mouthed, overbearing, ego maniac like so many before…..

    I’m still hoping Bachmann and Cain can get some real fire going in their respective campaigns.

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