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Another debate tonight, Perry better step it up!

The Fox News/Google debate is at 8pm CDT tonight, moderated by Bret Baier, with Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace as panelists. My friends at Uncivil Peasants are in agreement: Perry needs a strong showing. Judging by his appearance on Hannity! last night, he’s been spending time with a consultant. He had some great answers on the “Texas Dream Act™”, answers that I think are completely in line with immigration issues in Texas.

Gary Johnson makes the debate tonight. What, John Huntsman needed someone polling lower than him? Oh wait, that’s not true anymore, is it? Still not sold on Johnson, but maybe he’ll change my mind.

Bachmann continues her assault on Perry. Someone needs to tell her that she’s not in first or second anymore, and she needs to shore up her base. She’s doing herself no favors with the negative turn her campaign has taken.

I’m also looking for a strong performance from Newt, who has really been lighting it up in the last couple of debates. He’s angling for a position in somebody’s cabinet.

If Cain continues his strong performances, he’ll also be in line for a cabinet post. I could really get behind him for that. I wouldn’t be adverse for him at the top of the ticket, but he’s gonna need a lot of help to get there. He continues to be one of the candidates that sells his positions the best, along with Gingrich.

The fight at the top continues to be between Perry and Romney. Perry could coast the last couple of debates, with the poll leads that he started out with, but tonight is put up or shut up time. Romney has been chipping away at him, and he needs to establish himself as the front runner. No one is gonna let him just stand on the pedestal, he has to take it for himself. Romney can afford to sit back a little, as no one expects him to attack, just morph into what everyone wants him to be.

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