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9/12 Debate thoughts

Perry won, but only because of his strong first half of the debate. He was atrocious in the second half. Everyone had a field day with him, about HPV and immigration. He better bone up on those topics, because they are going to come back to haunt him, time and time again.

Romney didn’t win, which is a plus for Perry. He is all in on Romneycare, but now he is trying to spin it into something completely different than Obamacare. This will not work out well for him, since the perception already established is that Romneycare was the basis for Obamacare. Sorry bud, that’s the way it goes.

Newt and Cain are still vying for cabinet positions, as both have very strong answers to questions, and aren’t afraid of the moderators. They handle themselves well, and have gone a long way toward endearing themselves with the GOP base. Both these men would be very strong contenders now, if it weren’t for earlier missteps. I think it’s too late for them, and they will be handing off their support to one of the front runners.

Which brings us to Bachmann. She was back in Loud and Proud mode last night, and made her presence felt. She sparred with Romney, but Perry got both guns when it came to HPV. Her indignation was heartfelt and genuine, and you could tell her criticism found a target, and affected Perry. She went a little too far with it, which cost her the win, but another strong debate performance from Michelle.

Huntsman shot himself in the foot, that is all.

Perry, coasting to wins isn’t going to seal the deal with the voters. You need a decisive win in one of these debates, not just a default win. Otherwise, we are going to be split up, or someone else will grab the nomination.

Edit: I added this after hearing a couple snippets of the debate. Perry’s immigration position is going to need a lot of work. He did NOT win anyone over last night with DREAM act lite. I think that’s probably the way to go in Texas, with the immigration issues they have, but he’s going to have to explain it a lot better.

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