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My 9/11 memories

I was driving to class 30 minutes away, and turned on the radio. At first I was confused, because Peter Jennings was on the radio. This wasn’t the usual drivetime host, and he’s a television anchor. Plus, he was upset, you could hear it in his voice. I knew something bad was happening.

All the way to class, I began to get bits and pieces of what was going on from various stations. By that time, 2 planes had hit, and there were stories of the Pentagon being on fire. I was taking IT classes, so I logged in as soon as I could. The Internet was completely full that morning, and it was hard to log in to CNN. Everything else came up empty, so that’s where I concentrated. And then the images began to load. Everyone in class was crowded around my computer, to save the bandwidth and get the pages to load faster. We all knew that our lives had just changed.

The instructor held a discussion that day, but it wasn’t on VB. We had a talk of terrorism, and its effects on us. All opinions were heard, and nothing was suppressed. It was quite emotional, and that class remains close, to this day. We don’t acknowledge it very often, but we know 9/11 brought us closer together because of that defining moment.

Other people have better words than I do:

YouTube: Jack Buck’s 9-11 Poem

This was the wake up moment for our generation. And this is what wrath you have summoned, al qaeda:

YouTube: 3 Doors Down When I’m Gone – Tribute to the Troops

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